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30a Pontoon Rental offers....

Yacht Charters, Beach Buggies, Slingshots, Luxury Pontoons, etc

Shuttle  Services

Need a Ride?  30a Pontoon also offers shuttle services to and from your 30a Destination.   We can pick you up anywhere from Miramar Beach to Inlet Beach and bring you to your desired destination.   Rates are $100-$175 per trip depending on your location.


150 HP Tritoons and Double Decker Tritoons w/slides

30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 150 hp tritoons instead of 50 hp pontoons.  A 150 hp tritoon is a much smoother, faster, and a much more comfortable pontoon rental boat.  A tritoon pontoon rental boat is not so bouncing.  Plus, you can get where you are going both quickly and comfortably.


Yacht Charters

30a Rental Company in Santa Rosa Beach offers Luxury Yacht Charters.  This is a 75 foot luxury yacht charter.   We offer 3 hour Sunset Cruises, 4 hour half day cruises, 8 hour full day cruises, and custom Yacht Excursions to meet your needs.  Visit www.30ayachtcharters.com


Beach Buggy Rental

30a Pontoon Rental also offers Beach Buggy Rentals.  Instead of a golf cart rental, these 4 passenger beach buggy rentals allow you to drive anywhere a car can go.   


-Must be 30 years old

-Valid Drivers license



30a Rental Company

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30a Rental Company offers Luxury Yacht Charters, Premium 150 hp pontoon rentals (tritoons) and double decker tritoons with water slides, and Sailboat Excursions.  30a Rental Company also offers 4 Passenger Beach Buggy Rentals, Polaris Slingshot Rentals, Vanderhall Rentals, and Van and Suburban Rentals



Why rent a pontoon boat in Destin or Panama City and spend 2-3 hours going back and forth when you can pick up a pontoon rental boat in Santa Rosa Beach?   30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 3 fabulous boats.  Instead of a typical 50 hp pontoon rental boat, we offer 150 hp and 150 hp double decker tritoons with water slides.   

30a Pontoon Rental is located between Destin and Panama City just minutes from Seaside, Grayton Beach, Rosemary Beach, Sandestin, Alys Beach, Inlet Beach, Seagrove,  Blue Mountain Beach, etc.   

30A Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers three options. 

-8 passenger 150 hp Tritoons-

2021 Harris Models

-12 Passenger 150 hp Tritoons-

2021 Avalon Models

-12 Passenger 150 hp double decker with water slides-

2021 Avalon Models

Instead of being boating in a 50 hp pontoon rental boat, these pontoon rentals are well equipped with 150 hp motors.  These motors are up to 3 times faster.  Also, our pontoon rentals are tritoons instead of pontoons.  This gives you a much more compfortable pontoon rental experience.



Crab Island in Destin Florida is a fabulous hot spot for pontoon rentals.   Depending on the pontoon rental boat, wind, weight on boat, etc. you can get to Crab Island in approximately 45-55 minutes or more.  This is 3 times faster than by car.   Plus, you are on the water the entire time.  In addition, you get 6 or  9 hours of rental instead of 4 or 8. 

6 and 9 hour rentals 

We realize your vacation is special and you want to get the most out of your pontoon rental experience.   30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 6 and 9 hour rentals instead of 4.   Now, you can be out for a nice long day in Destin or the Santa Rosa Beach area and not have to stress about being back on time.  


How about some Fun Add Ons?

30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers the following

-18 X 6 Floating Pads

-2 person tubes

-11 foot paddle boards

-2 person hot dogs


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30a Rental Company offers Yacht Charters for the Destin / Panama City / 30a area.  We offer 3 hour Sunset Cruises,  Half Day (4 hour cruises) and 8 hour full day cruises.  We can also custom cater a Yacht Charter to fit your needs.

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Sailboat Adventures

30a Rental Company in Santa Rosa Beach offers 6 hour Yacht Charters with the famous Captain Tim.  Tim grew up on the water and can operate any kind of boat.   Enjoy a day on the Choctowatchee Bay with Tim.  We can custom cater a Sailboat adventure to meet your needs.  Maximum of 6 guests. 

Call 850.220.6400

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Need a Shuttle Service or Airport Shuttle in Santa Rosa Beach?

30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers van transportation or airport shuttle services for anyone living in Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Rosemary, Seaside, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Inlet Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, or the general 30a area.   We only have one van available at this time.  This is a first come first serve offer.   We charge between $100.0-$175.00 for a one way pick up depending on your location.  




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30a Beach Buggies

30a  Beach Buggies Why rent a golf cart, when you can rent the coolest ride in town.  The 4 passenger Beach Buggies.   Crazy cool and crazy fun!  Small enough to park it most places.   Gas powered.  Blue tooth stereo.  Fast as a typical car.   30 mpg.  No need to charge a battery.   Weekly Rentals Only- Call for details 850.220.6400 or visit www.30abeachbuggy.com


Who's ready for some real fun?  30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach now offers slingshot rentals for the 30a area including Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Sandestin, Inlet Beach, Seacrest, Seagrove, Destin, etc.   www.30aslingshots.com


Bluetooth Stereo

Backup Camera

Neon Light in wheels- (add on)

Removable Roof


Need a Ride to the Dock?

30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers transportation shuttle services for anyone living in Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Rosemary, Seaside, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Inlet Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, or the general 30a area.   We only have one shuttle van available presently.  This is a first come first serve offer.   We charge between $125.0-$150.00 for a one way shuttle van pick up depending on your location.  

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30a Pontoon Rental does not have a private dock.  We bring your pontoon rental boat to Cessna Landing (public park) in Santa Rosa Beach

30a Pontoon Rental

Public Park Address

1831 N. County Hwy 393,

Santa Rosa Beach



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Welcome to 30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach.   Instead of driving all the way to Destin or Crab Island, 30a Pontoon rental is located just minutes from Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Inlet Beach, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Seacrest, Seagrove, etc.  


Renting a pontoon rental boat while on vacation is a favorite for 30a vacationers.   The Choctowhatchee bay is a fabulous waterway filled with all types of restaurants, beautiful bayou’s, the Famous Crab Island, and so much more.   A pontoon rental boat is the ultimate way to explore these beautiful and fun venues.

Why a 150 hp Pontoon Rental Boat?-
A typical fishing boat, or ski boat is fun, but not enough space for a large party.  Pontoon rental boats allow up to 12 guest to enjoy a day together on the bay.  Most pontoon rental boats are 40-60 hp.  Our pontoon rental boats are 150 hp tritoons.  A tritoon is more buoyant than a pontoon and the extra horsepower will get you where you need to go on the bay 2-3 times faster than the typical pontoon rental.   A more buoyant pontoon rental boat also makes for a smoother and faster trip.

How Big is the Bay?

The bay in Santa Rosa Beach extends from the 331 Bridge to Crab Island in Destin.  While you are on our pontoon rental boats you can visit many of the beautiful bayous with exquisite homes in Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, and Destin.  

What is there to do?

While on our pontoon rental boats enjoy incredible restaurants right on the water including the famous Dewey Destin’s, and everyone’s favorite, LULU’s restaurant.  Lulu’s Restaurant is owned by Jimmy Buffett’s sister.  Lulu’s offers indoor and outdoor dining, a fun beach with activities for kids, and an outdoor bar right on the water.  All you have to do is pull your pontoon rental boat up, anchor securely and walk up to the beach. 

Can we shop somewhere on the bay?

Want to do some shopping while on our pontoon rental boats?  There are two places to shop and dine while on our pontoon rentals.  Just minutes from our pontoon rental dock is the Sandestin community and the popular Baytown Warf.  Baytown Warf has tons of great shopping, a zip line, a climbing wall, great restaurants, etc.   That’s not all.  While out on our pontoon rental boats you can visit the famous Destin Harbor.  Destin Harbor is packed with great restaurants, shopping, a climbing wall, art gallaries, etc.   The Destin Harbor is only ¼ mile boat ride from Crab Island.   Restaurants include AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar,  Harry T’s, Dewey Destin’s, Marina Café, Boathouse Oyster Bar, Gilligan’s, etc.  

What is Crab Island? 
Most of our pontoon rental guest enjoy the fabulous and famous Crab Island.  Crab Island is a sand bar about 2-3 feet deep with crystal clear blue water.   Pontoon Rental boats drop anchor at Crab Island and play for the day.   While at Crab Island you can slide down our Double Decker Pontoon Rental boat with slide, float around on our 18 X 6 floating pad, or paddle around on our 11 foot yolo boards. 

Does the boat come equipped with anything?

Our luxury pontoon rental boats come equipped with a full tank of gas.  In addition, we have a variety of super fun add on’s that you can include with your pontoon rental experience.   Those pontoon rental add on’s include…

A favorite of our pontoon rental guests is our 18 X 6 floating pad.  These pads can hold up to 10 people comfortably.  


Our 11 foot paddle boards are a great way to enjoy Crab Island.  You can paddle around on top of the water and see fish and wildlife underneath.  


Want to enjoy some fun?  Why not go tubing on our two person tubes or hot dogs. 


Many of our pontoon rental guests don’t have a cooler.  We offer large coolers to keep your goods cold, or in some cases, keep your supplies dry. 



The U.S. Coastguard Requires the driver to be born on or before January of 1988.   However, The US Coastguard allows individuals younger to rent/drive a boat if they have a boating certificate.   Even with a boating certificate we require a minimum of 30 years.  The only exceptions are those who hire a captain or designated master.



30a Rental Company requires all guests to be a minimum of 30 years old and with a valid US drivers license to rent a car.   If caught allowing someone younger to drive, we charge a $1000 fine.  


Don’t want to drive our pontoon rental boats.  We can provide you with a driver for an extra fee. 


Additional Services

30a Pontoon Rental also offers the new Beach Buggies, Slingshot Rentals, and Van Shuttle services. 



30a Pontoon Rental just introduced the new Beach Buggies.  These are super cool, 4 passenger, gas powered Beach Buggies.  Why rent a golf cart that's limited, when you can rent a gas powered beach buggy that can go anywhere.  Check out our website at www.30abeachbuggy.com 


30a Pontoon Rental offers the new Polaris Slingshot Rental.   These Slingshot Rentals look like the batmobile.  They are quick, fun, and a great way to cruise around Destin or 30a.  Our Slingshot rentals are equipped with blue tooth stereo and back up camera.  Visit www.30aslingshots.com or www.destinslingshotscom


30a Pontoon Rental has a fabulous 14 passenger mid-roof Ford Transport passenger van.  Most of our van shuttles are for our pontoon rental guests, however we offer airport shuttles or van shuttles when available.  Visit www.30apontoonandshuttle.com


30a Rental Company offers a 72 hour cancellation policy.   We do not make any exceptions.  If you have a death or illness in the family or with a friend, we encourage renters to get travel insurance.  

Visit our websites at 

Pontoon Rentals - www.30apontoon.com

Beach Buggy Rentals - www.30abeachbuggy.com

Slingshot Rentals- www.30aslingshots.com

Van Rentals- www.30avanrentals.com

Yacht Charters- www.30ayachtcharters.com

Airport Shuttles -www.30apontoonandshuttle.com