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30a Pontoon Rental- Kids favorite 30a Vacation rental activity

Why do kids love 30a Pontoon Rental? What makes 30a Pontoon Rental kids favorite 30a activity?

Every age from birth to 90 love time on a pontoon rental boat. Pontoon Rental BOats are both peaceful, fun, relaxing, etc.

Let's first discuss the little ones. We always hear something like this. "We don't think our 1 year old will be able to last 6 hours." We've been doing the pontoon rental business now for 4 years. We have to be honest. We've seen a couple kids crying as they got on the boat. Not sure if it's fear, or what. However, we've never seen a small child crying when they come back. They are either sleeping, or grinning ear to ear. SO the question is why? First, once kids get over the initial fear, a pontoon rental ride is a relaxing experience. You know how a dog loves to have their head out the window of a car. Kids love the fabulous breeze as they cruise through the bay. Second, all of our little ones have to wear a life jacket. When they get in the crystal clear blue waters the water feels so good they relax, smile, splash around etc. The little ones absolutely love the floating pad.

What's a floating pad? We offer our pontoon rental guests a super fun 18 X 6 floating pad. It's a fabulous pad that we roll up on the boat that's 2 inches thick and rolls out on the water. It's like a mini floating Island. Why is it so fun? Let's go back to the little ones. Little ones love crawling up and down the floating pad. They are wet, but safe because it's only about 1/2 inch of water on the top at most. So it's like playing in a bath tub but with tons more room to play. You will love the experience of seeing a toddler play on a floating pad.

Now let's discuss the next generation up. No telling how many times we've seen 8, 9, 10, and 15 year old kids play king of the mountain on our floating pads. There is something fun about knocking your friends, family, etc. off a raft. We've seen kids play for hours like this.

WATER SLIDES- Our double decker pontoon rental boat comes with a fabulous water slide. Let's face it. When you see it, it doesn't look that exciting. Well, once you are up on to top deck looking down, you realize it's more than just a slippy slide. It's a total blast. Plus, it's fun for all ages. We've had parties with 60 year old people that played on our pontoon rental boat water slides all day. Kids of all ages will love this experience.

TUBING- Not everyone has had the experience of the rush of tubing. There is nothing quite like being pulled behind a boat on a tube. Our two person tubes allow guest to have a fun experience with friends, family, etc. We ask that only experienced boaters pull tubes. We do not allow pulling tubes behind our double decker pontoons with slides.

Karaoke Machines- Can you sing? Well, most people who do Karaoke can't either. It doesn't matter if you can sing or not, there is nothing like busting out your favorite tune on a pontoon rental. Yes, you may annoy boats next to you, but you'll have fun doing it.

GO PRO SYSTEMS- We will be introducing a go pro style camera system that will allow our pontoon rental guests to enjoy recording their experiences. Stay tuned for more info.

YACHT CHARTERS- Make sure to check out our yacht charter experiences at

VIsit for more information 30a Yacht Charter (850) 655-8670

Pontoon Boat Rental 30a 64 Crossing Ln Unit B, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 (850) 220-6400

Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon Rental 30a 218 Calusa Blvd, Destin, FL 32541 (850) 655-8680

Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon Rental 30a 15 Winston Ln, Panama City Beach, FL 32413 (850) 220-6400

30A Pontoon Rental and Car Rental (850) 655-8490

Inlet Beach Pontoon Rental 30a (850) 655-8630

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