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Beach Buggy Rental 30a instead of Moke Rentals

What makes the most sense? A golf cart rental on 30a, a Moke rental on 30a, a Beach Buggy Rental on 30a or a Slingshot Rental on 30a.

Let's discuss the pros of a Golf Cart. A golf cart rental on 30a or Destin is small, cheap, and can be parked almost anywhere. They are fun to drive and can be charged overnight.

Weaknesses of a Golf cart rental. Golf carts are now not allowed in several 30a communities. We've recently heard Rosemary Beach and Seaside are going to limit or prohibit golf cart rentals. The Sandestin Community also prohibits certain golf carts.

Now, let's discuss Moke Rentals. Moke rentals are a little more flexible, but Moke rentals don't keep a very good charge. Moke Rental manufacturers will tell you a Moke Rental will get 35 miles per charge. In reality, a Moke Rental will only get about 25 miles per charge. Our famous Hwy 30a is over 30 miles east to west. As a result, with a Moke Rental you can't go all the way down and back. Plus, what if you forget to charge it overnight. You are left with only using the Moke very few places.

With Beach Buggy Rentals on 30a you can go anywhere. THey are gas powered and can go anywhere a car can go. Super easy to drive and very eye catching.

Slingshots are much the same. However, Slingshot rentals are not allowed in the Sandestin community.

30a Pontoon Rental looks forward to servicing your vacation rental needs with the appropriate vehicle rental.

30a Pontoon Rental also offers Van Shuttle services

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