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ABOUT 30a Pontoon Rental

Why rent a pontoon boat in Destin or Panama City and spend 2-3 hours going back and forth when you can pick up a pontoon rental boat in Santa Rosa Beach? 30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 3 fabulous boats. Instead of a typical 50 hp pontoon rental boat, we offer 150 hp and 150 hp double decker tritoons with water slides. 30a Pontoon Rental is located between Destin and Panama City just minutes from Seaside, Grayton Beach, Rosemary Beach, Sandestin, Alys Beach, Inlet Beach, Seagrove, Blue Mountain Beach, etc. 30A Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers three options. -8 passenger 150 hp Tritoons- 2021 Harris Models -12 Passenger 150 hp Tritoons- 2021 Avalon Models -12 Passenger 150 hp double decker with water slides- 2021 Avalon Models Instead of being boating in a 50 hp pontoon rental boat, these pontoon rentals are well equipped with 150 hp motors. These motors are up to 3 times faster. Also, our pontoon rentals are tritoons instead of pontoons. This gives you a much more compfortable pontoon rental experience. Need a Ride to the Dock? 30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers transportation shuttle services for anyone living in Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Rosemary, Seaside, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Inlet Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, or the general 30a area. We only have one shuttle van available presently. This is a first come first serve offer. We charge between $100.0-$150.00 for a one way shuttle van pick up depending on your location. This is 10% cheaper than the typical transportation service. CRAB ISLAND Crab Island in Destin Florida is a fabulous hot spot for pontoon rentals. Depending on the pontoon rental boat, wind, current, and number of people on the pontoon rental boat, you can get to Crab Island in 30-50 minutes. This is 3 times faster than by car. Plus, you are on the water the entire time. 6 and 9 hour rentals We realize your vacation is special and you want to get the most out of your pontoon rental experience. 30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 6 and 9 hour rentals instead of 4. Now, you can be out for a nice long day in Destin or the Santa Rosa Beach area and not have to stress about being back on time.

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